A first: 2,000 ‘bajantris’ to play Devdhun on Kullu Dasehra

Dipender Manta

Indiatimesworld News Service

Mandi, September 23

It will be a celebration of sorts, when around 2,000 bajantris will congregate at the Dhalpur ground to play ‘Devdhun’ during the Kullu Dasehra festival, which will begin on October 8.

The Kullu district administration is planning to play the ‘Devdhun’ on a mass level to promote deity culture in Kullu district.

Devdhun is the sound that resonates after playing different instruments when deities move out of their temples to join local festivals.

Each deity has its own instrument, which is played by bajantris during religious festivals. Kullu Dasehra is known as the festival of deities, where over 200 devtas congregate every year at Dhalpur ground to join the week-long celebration. These deities are accompanied by their kardars and bajantris, who stay with the deity in temporary camps at Dhalpur ground.

On October 26, 2015, Kullu nati was registered in the Guinness World Records, when 9,892 dancers, mostly women, participated in it. The performance was held during the week-long Desehra festivities in Kullu.

Deputy Commissioner Kullu Richa Verma has asked the Kardar Sangh of Kullu district to inform each kardar of the deity to ensure participation of bajantris along with the instruments during Kullu Dasehra in an organised way. However, the date of this event has not been decided so far.

The Deputy Commissioner said: “Deity culture has its own importance in Himachal Pradesh. To conserve and promote this culture in Kullu district, Devdhun will be played by bajantris this year. Around 2,000 bajantris will play the traditional instruments in an organised way at a single place during Kullu Dasehra. It will be a big attraction for common people as well as tourists, who visit here in large numbers to witness the event. A prayer will be held for peace in the world through Devdhun. The preparations are under way.”

Meanwhile, the Kardar Sangh in Kullu is excited with the district administration’s decision to organise such an event for the promotion and conservation of deity culture, which is fading with the passage of time.

Jai Chand, president of Kullu Kardar Sangh, said: “The Kardar Sangh will make every possible effort to make the event a success, which will carry forward the legacy of deity culture to our coming generations. A majority of kardars have been informed about the event. They will make the event a grand affair.”