A real take

SD Sharma 

‘The ancient Indian wisdom teaches us that a citizen’s, especially that of a writer’s first responsibility is to the community or country, second is to his family and third to himself’—shares well-known Punjabi playwright, director and actor Sanjeevan Singh at the launch of his third book, PG-The Paying Guest, at Punjab Kala Bhavan.

“It is only with that perception I wrote this book. PG-The Paying Guest is based on factual study. The PG concept, a few decades old, has now been a household affair with numerous PG guest houses mushrooming in small and big cities,” he says. 

A full-length play, PG-Paying Guest, has eleven scenes, depicting the feel of dissatisfaction prevailing among youth due to unemployment. How this feel drags them to drugs, violence and cultural vulgarity. It also shows how the younger generation wants to ‘settle’ abroad little knowing that the picture is not so rosy out there too.

His earlier two books, Freedom Fighter and Balkh Na Bukhare had won rave reviews.