Cong: PM violated India’s neutral foreign policy

New Delhi, September 23

The Congress today accused PM Narendra Modi of batting for US President Donald Trump for the forthcoming American elections and said the PM, by doing so, had violated the “time-honoured” principle of non-partisan Indian foreign policy.

Congress leader Anand Sharma, while welcoming the reception Indian Americans gave to the PM at the “Howdy, Modi” event on Sunday, said PM Modi’s open support of President Trump through “Abki baar Trump sarkar” slogan was “better avoided”.

Sharma earlier tweeted, “Mr Prime Minister, you have violated the time-honoured principle of Indian foreign policy of not interfering in the domestic elections of another country. This is a singular disservice to the long-term strategic interests of India. Our relationship with the US has throughout been bipartisan, vis-à-vis Republicans and Democrats. Your actively campaigning for Trump is a breach of both India and America as sovereign nations and democracies.” — TNS