EU must compromise on Brexit deal: Johnson

London, July 30 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday the next move in Brexit talks was up to the European Union, adding that he did not want to leave the bloc without a deal but had to prepare for that outcome just in case.

“If they can't compromise, if they really can't do it, then clearly we have to get ready for a no-deal exit," Johnson said during a visit to Wales. "It is up to the EU, this is their call, it's their call if they want us to do this.”

Earlier, he promised Ireland's Leo Varadkar that there would be no physical checks on the border between their two countries after Brexit, a spokeswoman said. But in their first phone call since he took office, Johnson repeated that the current “backstop” plan to keep the frontier open, which is included in the EU's draft  deal, was unacceptable. Varadkar repeated the backstop was “necessary”. — Agencies