Khamenei: Will keep rolling back nuclear commitments

Tehran, July 16 

Iran’s incomparable pioneer Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday that the Islamic republic will hold moving back its responsibilities under the milestone 2015 atomic deal.

“You did not do a solitary one (of your responsibilities), for what reason do you need us to adhere to our commitments?” Khamenei stated, censuring European nations which are gathering to the deal.

“We have recently begun to diminish our duties (in the arrangement) and this procedure will positively continue,” he said in a discourse in Tehran incompletely circulated on state television.

Iran-US strains have taken off since a year ago when President Donald Trump pulled back the US from the hard-won 2015 atomic arrangement and reimposed endorses on the Islamic republic.

Angered that its ambushed economy isn't getting sanctions help it accepts was guaranteed under the arrangement, Iran has escalated its touchy uranium improvement work. European gatherings to the arrangement have approached Iran to come back to its responsibilities under the arrangement. — AFP

Vows to fight back against UK for ship seizure

  • In his discourse on Tuesday, Khamenei pledged to fight back against the English for the ship’s seizure. “The awful English... have submitted theft and stolen our ship... God willing the Islamic republic won't leave these awful demonstrations unanswered,” he said
  • On July 4, English powers helped Gibraltar experts keep an Iranian tanker which US authorities said had been attempting to convey oil to Syria disregarding separate arrangements of EU and US sanctions, claims denied by Iran