Malt barley variety for beer, energy drinks developed

Parveen Arora

Indiatimesworld News Service

Karnal, September 23

The Indian Institute of Wheat and Barley Research (IIWBR) here has developed a malt barley variety, DWRB 160, for making beer and energy drinks. The institution has proposed to name it “Karan Maltsona”. It is expected that the variety will be released by October-end in a proposed meeting of the Central Variety Released Committee (CVRC) in New Delhi.

“The DWRB 160 variety is the 12th in the series of barley varieties with maximum grain yield among all,” said Dr GP Singh, Director, IIWBR, and member of the scientists’ team that developed the latest variety.

With the release of the variety, the industry as well as farmers would have a wider choice of growing and using malt barley, the Director added.

Dr Ajit Singh Kharub, principal investigator and member of the team, said, “Principal scientists Dr Dinesh Kumar Arora and Dr Sudhir Kumar, main breeder of the variety Dr Vishnu Kumar and I started working on improving the varieties of malt barley in 2014. After more than five years of research, we have achieved success.”

He further said the DWRB 160 variety was high yielding with an average production of 53.7 quintals per hectare and a potential yield of around 74.07 quintals per hectare in comparison with an average yield of 50 quintals per hectare and potential yield of 67 quintals of earlier varieties of barley. “The latest variety is resistant to yellow rust,” Dr Kharub added.

Dr Arora said, “Normally, we use six-row barley variety for animal feed and two-row variety for making malt. The IIWBR has developed an improved two-row malt barley variety, DWRB 160, which has a high percentage of bold grains (used for making malt only), which is 92 per cent. Hence, the industry will gain immensely in terms of economy and malt yield. Farmers will also benefit from the variety.”