My family descendants of Kush, claims BJP MP

Yash Goyal

Jaipur, August 11

BJP’s Rajsamand MP and erstwhile Jaipur ex-princess Diya Kumari has claimed that the descendants of Lord Ram are all over the world, including her family, who descended from his son Kush.

Diya whose yesterday’s tweet sparked a debate on social media reiterated on Sunday that “I am saying this on the basis of historical manuscripts and documents we have in the city palace museum. I said this after the Supreme Court in Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir case asked recently if there were any descendants of Lord Ram”.

Former Brig. Late Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh, her father, had produced the documents in the court in 1992, Diya recalled.

Her tweet and debate came a day after the Supreme Court’s five-judge constitution Bench headed by CJI Ranjan Gogoi asked, “We are just wondering if any from Raghuvansha dynasty is still living in Ayodhya” to senior advocate who is representing one of the parties in Ram Janamabhoomi-Babr Masjid case.

Since Brigadier Bhawani Singh the ex-royal family of Jaipur used to declare that they were direct descendants of Kush, the son of Lord Ram. Rani Padmani, the former queen of the Jaipur royal family, had asserted that they were the 309th descendant of Kush.

“We want the Ram Mandir to be built in Ayodhya and we are not going for any land claim or right there. If desired, the documents can be made available in the court. I do not want to interfere in the legal process”, she replied to a question.

According to a number of pictures and maps provided by her PR Agency to the media, King Dashrath appears on the 62nd number in the family tree, while Lord Ram and Kush appear on the 63rd and 64 numbers, respectively. Sawai Jai Singh, Madho Singh and other rulers of Jaipur Royal family did appear on the ancient documents provided by them.