Pak’s new lobbyist in US is a controversial ex-Congressman

Washington, July 22

The International safe haven of Pakistan here has employed the administrations of a previous American administrator as a lobbyist, who had left the Place of Agents in the midst of a scandal.

On Saturday, Pakistan’s US minister Majeed Khan marked an agreement with previous Republican Congressman Tom Reynolds, speaking to Holland and Knight campaigning firm, to progress Pakistan’s interests in the US.

Pakistan Remote Pastor Shah Mahmood Qureshi was available during the marking service at the Embassy.

“Joining previous Congressman Reynolds will be a group containing other previous individuals from Congress, previous senior Organization authorities, legislative hall Slope veterans and other expert experts,” the Government office said in a media release.

Reynolds spoke to New York’s 26th Congressional Region for about 10 years from 1999 to 2009.

Amidst a seething debate encompassing a pedophile ring, and money related outrage including National Republican Congressional Advisory group, he declared on Walk 20, 2008 that he won't keep running for a 6th term.

At that time, he was the fourth most dominant Republican Congressman in the Place of Representatives.

According to The New York Times, around then he was hounded by inquiries concerning what he knew about unseemly email trades between Delegate Imprint Foley, a Florida Republican, and a youthful Congressional page, and how he reacted when he thought about them.

During the agreement marking function, Reynolds expressed gratitude toward the Remote Pastor for resting trust in Holland & Knight and guaranteed him of their full help in fashioning solid Pakistan-US relations dependent on common regard and interests.

Qureshi, in his comments, communicated trust that Holland & Knight would almost certainly work proficiently with the International safe haven to campaign for Pakistan in the US. Pakistan did not have a lobbyist for as long as six years. PTI