Police, protesters clash in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, August 25

The police were skirmishing with protesters in Hong Kong for a second straight day on Sunday following a pro-democracy march in an outlying district.

While a large crowd rallied in a nearby park, another group of protesters took over a main street, building barricades with traffic barriers and cones and strewing bamboo poles on the pavement.

After hoisting warning flags, police used tear gas to try to disperse the crowd. Protesters responded by throwing bricks and other objects toward the police, leaving the space in between them strewn with bricks.

Prior to the skirmishes, tens of thousands of umbrella-carrying protesters marched in the rain in Hong Kong’s latest pro-democracy demonstration.

The march in an outlying community in Hong Kong’s New Territories started near the Kwai Fong rail station, which has become a focal point of protesters after police used tear gas in the station earlier this month. Police with riot gear could be seen moving into position along the march route.

Protesters have taken to the semiautonomous Chinese territory’s streets for more than two months. Their demands include democratic elections and an investigation into police use of force to quell the protests.

A large group clashed with police on Saturday after a march in the Kowloon Bay neighborhood. The police said they arrested 29 people for various offenses. — AP