Save Centuries-old tree at Janipur

Jammu has seen massive urbanisation and with it people have ignored their rich heritage, notably a massive centuries old tree. At Janipur Main Chowk, there is an old peepal tree which needs protection. The R&B Department is blacktopping the road due to which its trunk has almost been chocked. There is need to use scientific methods to save green patches. — Ravinder Sharma, Pamposh Colony

Renovate Exhibition Ground 

After the abrogation of Article 370, people of Jammu are hopeful that their long-pending development projects will get a priority. The focus should be given to the renovation of the Exhibition Ground at Jewel Chowk which was once a major attraction. It has now turned into a junkyard. It should be turned into a promotional space. — Amit Sharma, Canal Road

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