Slogan for independent Balochistan raised during Imran’s address in US

Washington, July 22

A gathering of Baloch adolescents raised trademarks against Pakistan and for an autonomous Balochistan during the location of PM Imran Khan at an indoor arena here.

Khan was tending to a social occasion of Pakistani-Americans when the Baloch young people abruptly stood up from their seats and began raising the slogan.

Balochs living in the US have been raising their voice against supposed outrages, vanishing and human rights infringement in Balochistan by Pakistani security forces.

For the most recent two days, they have been running a portable bulletin crusade asking President Donald Trump to help end “enforced disappearances” in Pakistan.

The three Baloch young people who were raising enemy of Pakistan mottos were far away from the primary platform, where Khan was talking. He could proceed with his location continuous. Around two-minutes-and-half later, neighborhood security work force drove them out the indoor auditorium. 

A couple of supporters of Khan were seen driving them from behind and requesting that they leave the field. PTI