Undeveloped plots a major issue, HSVP must pay attention

Gurugram: The condition of undeveloped plots in Sector 51 of Gurugram is pathetic. Besides stray dogs and cattle, domesticated cows and buffaloes pour in here every day. It is the responsibility of the HSVP to ameliorate the conditions there. There are bushes and wild growth on every vacant plot, which give rise to mosquito breeding and presence of snakes and rats. Sometimes, people also relieve themselves there, which is a blot on the cyber city. The government should take cognisance of this nuisance. At least plot holders pay to HUDA as non-construction charges. Why those funds are not utilised for removing bushes and wild growth.  The stakeholders of the Swachhta Abhiyan are also not paying any attention, why?  —Gian Parkash

Stray cattle nuisance 

Narwana: The number of stray cattle in Narwana is increasing day by day and the lives of people have become extremely unsafe. Cows and bulls enter shops and houses and move out only when these are fed. I know three of four persons who died of injuries suffered due to animal hits on roads. Even gaushalas, which should ease the problem, are turning a blind eye to it and thus people are left to defend themselves.  — Ramesh Gupta

Substandard quality of work 

Ambala: We find people living in the midst of garbage dumps and stray animals in residential areas. Rather than raising their voice with the authorities concerned, they also throw garbage outside. Well-made roads are being uprooted for laying sewerage, and people are suffering, but they won't speak up against it. Why have we got used to accepting substandard work from contractors rather than demanding high standards, as per the terms of contract. In that case, we will keep getting what we deserve - heaps of garbage, broken roads with potholes, stray dogs who bite, stray animals on which our vehicles tumble over, and lower government functionaries who keep  harassing  poor people. It is high time we stop accepting poor quality of services and works from anyone. It needs two things - first to correct ourselves, and second to raise our voice against the poor quality of work and services. — Col RD Singh

Promotion of tainted official

Faridabad: The recent promotion of a tainted official of the Municipal Corporation here is not only objectionable but also raises a finger at the tall claims of corruption-free governance. The official in question has been booked in at least four cases of corruption, including by the state Vigilance Department in August. The promotion of the official as the head of a department recently is not only demoralising for others who work in a honest and dedicated manner, but also exposes the nexus involving corrupt officials and the political patronage they enjoyed. — Varun Sheokand 


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