Toast to Yog-aah Day!

Aradhika  Sharma

Shobha gradually strolled into the cafeteria and brought down herself on a seat. She was clearly in intense agony. We as a whole clacked around her like a lot of concerned hens asking her how she’d harmed herself.

“Hai! It is my back” she groaned. “I cricked it when I was doing leg lifts and circles.”

“Have you joined some kind of a class?” Sabrina asked her. 

“No. I was doing yoga in the network gardens today alongside other individuals from the region. It was Global Yoga Day, na. Why? Didn’t any of you young ladies do it?”

We shook our heads. “Humph! No national spirit!” Shobha said sanctimoniously.

“There are simpler methods for appearing; I said. “I’ll plant a few trees on Van Mahotsav and help nature. Incredible for nature; simpler on my body.”

“And I did my bit of yoga when I broke into an automatic kapal bhati after my servant broke my preferred stoneware mug today,” smiled Mandy. “But how could you land up doing network yoga? You loathe exercise.”

“Arre, I generally get very eager to commend extraordinary ’days’. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Disease Survivors’ Day, World Music Day, you know,” Shobha clarified. “Also, the yogawallahs were putting forth free shirts and yoga mats to the participants.”

“So, how was it?” Sabrina asked.

“Well, it began off all around ok. We accumulated at the network park where we got our shirts and tangles, which we spread out. Mrs. Arora was on one side of me and one dainty young lady was on the other. The educator requested that we rests, shut our eyes and focus on our relaxing. Mrs. Arora had clearly been watching her Nagin serials late into the night since she let out a compelling wheeze. The teacher hurriedly requested that we get up and extend in a tadasana. At the point when the dainty young lady lifted her arms, I nearly fainted.”


“Well, she had a dreadful underarm smell and she’d clearly never knew about antiperspirants! Hello Bhagwan! At the point when the educator said ‘inhale’, I simply held my breath. No chance was I deliberately breathing in that poisonous smell! After warm ups, the educator called for pawan mukta asana. According to the racket of sounds that resulted, it appeared a great many people hadn’t done their morning ablutions!

“Ugh! Why can’t individuals be progressively specific about body hygiene?  After all they’ve desire an open capacity where the network is participating,” Shobha commented. “Anyway, then?” “Then the flies discovered us. One was especially annoying and wouldn’t quit humming around me. At whatever point I’d wave my hands to shoo it away, the teacher would glare.”

“How irritating!” Sabrina said.

“Not as aggravating as the grass sharp edges that went up my nose, making me break out in eruption of uproarious wheezing as I was doing the snake present. Anyway, the aftereffect is that I had a snapshot of self-realisation!”

“How brilliant! What’ve you realised?”

“I need to be a yogi. I just don’t need to do the yoga.”

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